Wednesday, 17 April 2013


                                                           CHRONIC PANCREATITIS


             Chronic pancreatitis is a state of pancreatic insufficiency and inflammatory caused by atrophy and fibrosis of the pancreatic tissue.


            The disease is more common in male past middle age.
-          Chronic alcoholism is the main cause.
-          Recurrent attacks of acute or sub acute pancreatitis.
-          Obstruction to the main pancreatic duct due to gall stone, papilloma or stricture.
-          Chronic inflammation of billary tract.
-          Leaking of chronic duodenal ulcer.
-          Poly-cystic disease of pancreas.
-          Hyperparathyroidism.


           There is atrophy of the acinar elements with extensive fibrosis and at times. Calcification inside the gland. The exocrine apparatus is affected first producing digestive disturbances or features of malabsorption.the islet tissue are affected somewhat later resulting in diabetes mellitus. The end result is failure of both exocrine and endocrine functions of pancreas.


-          Recurrent attacks of upper abdominal pain lasting for a day or two.
-          Pain is more on epigastrium, radiates to the back and relived on leaning forward.
-          Pain got more by taking alcohol or a heavy meal.
-          Chronic diarrhea.
-          Which are bulky, foul and fatty stools.
-          Loss of weight.
-          Mid ascites.


-          Plain X-ray abdomen shows calcification inside the pancreas.
-          Ultra sonography swollen pancreas and gall stones may be.
-          CT scan.


-          Surgery is indicated only when pain is recurrent and some obstruction is suspected.
-          Ranitidine (150 mg twice daily) may be help ful.


-          Avoid alcohol.
-          Avoid diet which is rich in fat.



             A profoundly  acting remedy on liver, pancreas. Burning pains, its chilly patient, thirst less, restless, fear of incurable disease. Nausea, retching, vomiting, after eating or drinking. Craves milk, liver, spleen, pancreas enlarged and painfull.fatty degeneration, cyanosis.


            Heat, redness, throbbing and burning pains, no thirst, anxiety or fear, suddenness of attacks and onset. Sensitive to least contact, strawberry tongue, swollen tongue and painful, extreme sensitive to bed clothes and touch, distension of abdomen, low grade fever, restless, chilly patient.


        It’s a wonderful medicine for any glandular affections, weakness of body, mind, trembling and pailpitation.severe aching in and around of liver region, great debility. Knife like pain in whole abdomen, distension of abdomen, chilly patient, thirst less.


       Hungry with much thirsty, better after eating, pain in empty stomach, great debility even slight work leads sweating, desires cold air, inflammation of pancreas. Chronic congestive headache in old age person, cutting pain in abdomen, pancreatic disease, pain in bones at night.


       Burning of whole elementary canal, good remedy for any pancreatic problem, vomiting, sour billary and blood. Nausea, profuse flow of saliva, deficient appetite. Periodical night diarrhea, with pain and greenish discharge. Shifting pain is main in iris.


      Clairvoyance, fearfulness, fear of dark, fear of thunderstorm, vomiting, water is thrown up as soon as it gets warm in the operative vomiting, pain in stomach reduced after cold water, Ice, ice creams. Burning pain in stomach, large yellow spots on abdomen, pancreatic disease. Lascivious dreams.


     Anxiety and fear, bursting type of headache, tongue is dry and brown, full of vesicles, cant bear tight cloths around abdomen, excessive thirst, great hunger, awakes in a fright, and feels as if suffocating.

Some of other drugs in homeopathy for acute pancreatitis are atropinum purum sulphuricum, baryta muraticum, kali iodum, and mercurious solliblis.